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co2 grow bags manufacturers
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The packing bag of the planting bag is used to hold plants growing in soil, similar to clay or plastic factory pots. Growth bags can be made of plastic or fabric and usually have handles for easy handling. Growth bags range in size from one to 200 gallons.
Types of Planting bag/tree planting bag/US planting bag
characteristic Corrosion-resistant, self-absorbent, breathable, strong and durable, degradable, water-saving and drought-resistant, transparent, can be used for more than 8 years
Application scenario Home Furnishing, Greening Project, Hotel, Flower Garden Nursery Production, Home Gardening, Terrace Vegetable Garden, Shopping Mall
Material Non-woven
Use form Desktop, floor-mounted, wall-mounted, hanging basin
Brand Name OEM
Whether to import YES
style European style
colour Black
Size: Customized Size

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co2 grow bags manufacturers