flower grow bags

Olink factory is the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of plant grow bags in china,with a complete range of products.
The hazards of traditional flower pots.
1.Traditional flower pots: easy to breed harmful substances
2.High cost: easy to move and fragile, poor permeability
3.Not environmentally friendly: takes up space when not applicable
4.High cost of disconnection:Difficult
5.Packaging and transportation: costly and difficult
6.Inconvenient transplanting: low survival rate
flower grow bags manufacturers
Compared to the traditional Huaban, our plant grow bags have these 6 advantages.
1.Durable:Material using environmentally friendly non-woven fabric, long service life
2.Water permeable and breathable:Environmentally friendly non-woven material, long service life
3.Super large capacity:Multiple specifications to meet different needs
4.No rooting, no rotting:Special reinforced material, moisturizing and fertilizing
5.Easy transportation:No need to break roots and dig when moving plants in pots
6.Lightweight and beautiful:Save time and effort in transporting,and place in any position,beautiful
flower grow bags manufacturers