How long can non-woven planting bags be used to be decomposed?

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Biodegradable non-woven plant growth bag belongs to a kind of seedling bag, which can be widely used in the cultivation of plant seedlings, locking moisture and increasing the survival rate of seedlings. Of course, in flowers, gardens, seedling bases, greenhouses and other places, biodegradable non-woven growth bags are widely used, and the demand of such places is very large, all in the amount of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.
How long can non-woven plant growth bags be used to be decomposed?
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Some people may be worried, so many numbers of non-woven plant growth bags, how to recycle after use in order not to pollute the environment ah, after all, environmental protection is a problem that can not be ignored. If you rely on the manual to a little bit of recycling, it will be a bit of trouble. These aspects of the problem, the manufacturer has actually thought of. In the manufacturing process of growing bags, special raw materials will be added to make the so-called decomposable nursery bags. After the use of seedling bags, it will slowly decompose with the soil, will not pollute the environment, saving time and effort.