Non-woven plant grow bags - a new choice for seedlings

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Non-woven plant growth bag nursery is an environmentally friendly nursery technology implemented in today's forestry plantation projects. Non-woven plant growth bag seedling has changed the shortcomings of the past plastic seedling containers, seedling cycle is relatively shortened, both easy to operate, and improve the efficiency and quality of seedlings, high survival rate of afforestation, no replanting, has become an important technical measures such as greening seedlings, tobacco seedlings, agricultural seedlings in arid and semi-arid areas.
Non-woven plant grow bags manufacturers
Good seedling containers and substrates are the key factors to cultivate good seedlings. With plastic bags, hard plastic tubes and other impermeable materials as containers and clay as substrates for seedlings, the seedlings raised are bound to have abnormal root development problems. The abnormal root system of seedlings will lead to trees with poor anchorage and little space to absorb water and nutrients, resulting in slow growth, poor resistance of all kinds, etc. The comprehensive consequence is to lead to small old trees. If the container is not selected properly, the consequence may be to lead to silvicultural failure. Now the monolithic, easy to penetrate, easy to decompose, non-recyclable containers have become the mainstream of seedling containers.
Non-woven plant growth bag completely solve the plastic nutrient bowl seedling seedling root system can not penetrate the container wall and the formation of nest root, crooked root, thin root, rot root and other problems brought about by a variety of adverse consequences. This effectively improves the resistance and growth rate of seedling breeding, and greatly reduces the probability of seedlings evolving into "little old trees" due to the adverse effects of root growth environment. The non-woven plant growth bag is convenient for seedling transportation and moving.
Non-woven plant grow bags manufacturers
Advantages of non-woven plant growth bags
Why the survival rate of non-woven plant growth bag seedlings is high and the trees grow significantly better than plastic container seedlings? Non-woven plant growth bag is absolutely no entanglement phenomenon, but also to form a strange effect: once the seedlings into the soil will grow directly, avoiding the squatting period, if the seedlings have air cut roots after the formation of the healing tissue, then into the soil will be explosive rooting, while the above-ground part of the direct fierce growth. This is something that no other type of container has been able to do so far. These exposed container walls and the formation of healing tissue root segments, internal continuous supply of nutrients, the formation of the physiological state of staging in the nursery process of seedling roots can penetrate the bag, the formation of air pruning, transplanting without taking off the bag, can be directly planted, so save the labor costs of taking off the bag, the use of non-woven plant growth bag seedlings in line with the national forestry nursery on the promotion of water permeability, no mass of roots, transplants can Ensure the normal growth of the root system, reduce the slow growth period, and the survival rate after transplanting is higher than that of plastic seedling containers.
Non-woven plant growth bag functional characteristics
1, strong water permeability (similar to cotton, fast water leakage) can make the excess water quickly discharge, not rotten tree roots. And it can let water and nutrients penetrate naturally.
2、Good air permeability. Can let the plant roots breathe air freely, so the use of non-woven plant growth bag seedlings than other containers grow vigorously.
3、Save labor cost. Transplanting can be planted together with non-woven plant growth bags, without tearing off the bag (the bag must be initially degraded, if it is intact to tear off the bag or use a knife to cut a slit in the bag to facilitate the growth of the main root). No bag removal transplanting improves the survival rate of seedlings, which is especially beneficial for species that are not easily transplanted.
Non-woven plant grow bags manufacturers
Note on the use of plant growth bags
1、After filling the substrate, in order to maintain its better permeability, you must not pound it hard with a stick, but just lightly press the substrate with your hand or shake it a little.
2, the plant can be directly planted into the bag from seedlings, no fake planting, no need to change the soil and potter. This material has good water permeability, air permeability, and can effectively control the growth of plant roots, especially for trees that are not easy to transplant, such as camphor, bamboo, ginkgo, cherry, maple, etc.
3、No need to break the roots before transplanting, with simple tools can be transplanted without technical workers, reducing labor costs; no need to prune and cut the leaves when transplanting, retaining most of the branches and leaves, so that the tree shape is perfect and the quality of the plant is greatly improved. It can be transplanted all year round, not affected by season and climate, and the transplanting time is greatly extended.