The vertical flower wall of the planting bag arranged in front of the door can be planted with many different plants

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In the botanical garden or some fresh courtyards, we can see some fresh vertical plant flower walls. In fact, we can also decorate one in front of our home. This time we use planting bags, which are easier to obtain and convenient to decorate.

Above used very common plants, respectively, are easy to blossom pine peony, there are some fresh lemon grass, some particularly easy to grow Sedum pendulatum.
There are many plants suitable for arranging vertical flower wall, including common Chlorophytum, green rose, bird's Nest Fern, netted grass, Carex Chrysophyllum, saxifrage, colorful leaf grass, pineapple and so on.

This is a good vertical flower wall template of planting bag, which is fixed on a wooden shelf with the bought planting bag, and then the soil can be added on it to arrange plants.
The whole production process is very simple. The key is to make a stable shelf and prepare waterproof lining.

In the back of the whole planting bag, waterproof cloth will be installed, and some nails will be used to fix the shelves. In addition to wooden shelves, you can also use materials instead, including common PVC water pipes, wooden poles or iron pipes.

The planting bag is fixed on the shelf, and then a larger container is prepared. The shelf can be directly placed inside. There should be a larger drainage hole in the container to avoid water accumulation in the basin soil.
The soil placed in the planting bag should keep good drainage, add some rotten compost soil properly to increase soil fertility, and add some perlite or river sand to keep good air permeability.

Then put the vertical planting bag landscape in the right place, there should be more light every day, because the planting of pine leaf peony, need more light to bloom.

It seems that the overall ornamental effect is good. If you want to be more beautiful, you can add some different kinds of plants. These planting bags have good air permeability and drainage, so you don't have to be afraid of plant waterlogging.