Felt potato grow bags,strawberry grow bags,tomato grow bags

Olink factory is the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of plant grow bags in china,with a complete range of products.
Order processing rules
Our factory mainly focus on plant growth bags,potato grow bagsstrawberry grow bagstomato grow bags,handbags, plant growth lights, plant growth tent (screen printing glue oil edge) products, can come to the design, to sample customization, to material processing, the factory has developed a sample room, sewing workshop, screen printing workshop, glue oil edge workshop, a series of sewing products can be produced, the factory production equipment is complete, is a medium-sized domestic manufacturers with fighting force, the factory's business philosophy is "reasonable price, quality is the top", the main market for Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States mainly.
potato grow bags,strawberry grow bags,tomato grow bags
First, custom matters
1, the product can be customized according to the customer to provide pictures and samples, replace the material and color, but also to control the cost of production to large customer requirements, but also according to customer requirements to redesign customized.
2, can be customized according to the style pictures on our website.
3, our style each section of each color 500 starting order, such as customer special requirements can not reach the minimum quantity, customer acceptance price can also be customized.
4, design sampling requirements, according to the sample charge 50-500 yuan sample costs ranging from the actual sample can be negotiated between the two sides, the sampling period is generally 2-3 days.
Second, LOGO customization
1, the production of customized according to customer requirements custom logo LOGO, logo LOGO general process (embroidery printing heat embossed film hardware adhesive plate, etc.)
2, sampling to add customer LOGO, such as LOGO need to print a single color can be free, multi-color printing can be based on the color, embroidery
can be based on the number of stitches LOGO, hardware open mold to do the need to open the mold fee of 800 yuan.
Third, production period
Product delivery time (not including proofing time, transportation time) and product prices are also based on the order quantity, the number of different delivery time, the specific two sides to negotiate a solution.
Four, payment method
30% deposit is paid in advance at the time of order, and 70% of the balance is paid at the time of delivery.
potato grow bags,strawberry grow bags,tomato grow bags
Five, custom instructions
1, If you want to order our products, please contact our company personnel.
2, We will consider your needs and recommend product photos/pictures for your selection, or make samples according to your samples and pictures.
3、We will contact you in time for the sample you are interested in, and after we determine the style, quantity and price, we will make the sample for your confirmation as soon as possible.
4, Both sides confirm the packaging requirements, payment method, delivery date, etc.
5, we guarantee the production quality and delivery date of the products.
6、Transportation instructions: generally take logistics and express delivery, freight cost will be settled by mutual agreement.
7, not exhaustive, can be discussed in detail in the contract specified