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what are plant grow bags?

Plant grow bag is a bag containing everything a person needs to create a small garden. 
Plant bags are usually equipped with fertile soil, which already contains any necessary fertilizer, providing perfect growth medium for almost any type of plant. All one has to do after buying a plant bag is to plant or plant seeds and to provide water. These bags are very convenient for rookies and those who don't have enough space to grow outdoor gardens in the traditional way. Bags usually contain fertile soil.
Advantages of plant growth bags
1.Planting bags have many possible advantages, which is why they are often welcomed by many gardeners. Those who have difficulty growing plants because it is difficult to provide perfect soil may use bags because the soil is ready.
2.Another advantage is that plant bags are usually less cluttered than other gardening methods. The soil has been bagged inside, that is to say, a lot of excavation and excavated soil are atypical everywhere. A plant planting bag can be placed almost anywhere, which means a miniature garden can be placed where anyone wants it. 
Disadvantages of plant growth bags
In addition to the advantages of plant planting bags, there are also some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of plant planting bags is that plant planting bags are usually made of plastic, which is not very environmental protection. There are many kinds of growth bags that are not made of plastic and can be recycled.
Some more experienced gardeners also believe that using plant planting bags is a horticultural trend, and will disappear over time. Those who only use plant bags to grow plants do not really learn this knowledge because plant planting bags are easy to use and do not need too much thinking, so they don't need to spend too much attention. Almost any lawn and garden supply center and online can find plant planting bags for sale at different prices and sizes. The initial gardeners may benefit from the initial planting bags, because these bags often make you feel frustrated when you learn to plant. These bags are also a good choice for those who don't have enough space to grow large gardens. The environmental impact of growing bags can be found in bags made of recyclable or biodegradable materials.

The tree planting bag is made of fiber non-woven fabric, which has reasonable formula, low cost, high benefit, anti-aging, air permeability, good tensile strength and durability. It can cultivate all kinds of seedling products, reduce the production cost, shorten the production cycle, save water, keep moisture and fertilizer, ensure the survival rate of seedlings, make the tree grow green and not affected by the season (especially for the northern drought) At the same time, the transplanting root system of seedling products is complete throughout the year, ensuring the transplanting survival rate is high, which can achieve the advantage of the expected growth of seedlings!
Nowadays, the reasons why non-woven tree planting bags are popular and reliable in the market are as follows:
1. Simple operation: compared with the previous traditional cultivation method, it is simpler to cultivate seedlings with non-woven seedling bag, and it can start cultivation without too much time to learn, which greatly saves the time needed to learn before, and then can cultivate more seedlings, reducing the cost of the previous period.
2. Specification safety: compared with the previous seedling bags, the specifications of non-woven seedling bags are more complete, because different seedling cultivation requires different specifications of seedling bags. The former seedling bag can not meet these requirements one by one, while the non-woven seedling bag improves these disadvantages.
3. Low cost: the non-woven seedling bag can make the roots of seedlings grow naturally, and its cost is also very low. Unlike the previous light substrate nursery bag, it requires a very high cost.

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