Tenants are now receiving stimulus payments , and many are using the stimulus payments to relocate. There could be a lot of applications for your vacant rental property, however when you find a good tenant, you could be fighting with other landlords for this particular tenant. Here are a few ways you can reach out for tenants to Tulsa during COVID-19.

Appropriate Rent

One of the most effective ways that landlords who reside in Tulsa can appeal to tenants during COVID-19 is to establish an appropriate rent. Make sure to research what the market rate is, and then make it as close as you can to the amount but make sure it’s in line with the goals of your rental proforma. If you are looking to attract prospective tenants, you could reduce your rent by one or two percent to less than the market rate. This will provide you with more potential tenants so that you are sure that you’re happy with the person you decide to choose. The tenants will appreciate reasonable rent in these turbulent times. The majority of working age residents may not be in employment right now or may have been employed by companies which COVID-19 has taken out of business, therefore the lower rent than market rates might be a blessing for certain.

Be Flexible

Another way for landlords to draw attention to the tenants of Tulsa during COVID-19 is to ensure flexibility. You should be in a position to show kindness by being flexible in rent payments. Set up a deal with tenants to allow multiple payments in time so that they have enough money to pay rent, though they might find it difficult to make it in one go. Another method to be flexible when it comes to rent is to negotiate with the tenants to reduce the next and current months of rent, and then increase the second portion of rent to cover the gap. This will give renters enough time settle their household and begin to pay rent on a regular basis.

Offer Extras

If you’ve got a excellent tenant who has applied and you want them to select over the other landlord, consider offering additional benefits! Be sure that the rental is equipped with a clothes dryer and washer as well as all the other appliances that are essential to the home, like the refrigerator, stove and microwave. Make sure that the apartment is clean and has functional doors, blinds, and locks. You can increase the value by offering a complimentary unlimited service, like internet or cable service. Maybe, you can provide the necessities that are in high demand like a set of toilet paper or hand sanitizer along with each rental payment. Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers. click here

Make Improvements

If you are able consider it, you should remodel your kitchen, particularly in the event of visible wear and tear to the cabinets or countertops. Check that the sinks, toilets and showers are cleaned and functioning properly without any mildew or rust accumulation. It is also possible to put on a fresh coat of paint, and then patch any holes you missed. Your tenant will be grateful for your effort to maintain your property current and tidy and will do their best to ensure that rent is paid.

Curb Appeal

One of the most efficient ways that landlords can ensure that landlords in Tulsa can appeal to tenants in COVID-19 is to enhance their curb appeal their property. If the property is well-maintained and has attractive landscaping, tenants is more likely to pick your property instead of a home that looks as if it’s in need of cleaned with pressure or appears aged. The appearance of your rental property is a reflection of the way you manage your property. Clean, well-maintained properties rent faster and are less likely to be rented out than properties that look dim and dark.